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Our Approach:


To swim further upstream, to prevent and act early and effectively for children and young people experiencing problems or concerns with their mental health and emotional wellbeing.


The Challenges we're facing

The picture of children and young people's mental health was the worst it had ever been according to a report by YoungMinds in 2019. 

Now with the impact of coronavirus, 83% of young people have said their mental health has made their symptoms worse. This combined with the fact that face to face support has practically been suspended for over a year, as an article from The Guardian coins it, a teenage mental health crisis is brewing.

- The average waiting time for CAMHS mental health support pre Covid was 94 days.

- Only one in four children with a diagnosable mental health problem are accessing appropriate treatment.


- 66% of parent/guardians with a child with mental health problems have reported that waiting times for support was concerning and 49% of parents said that agencies they were referred to didn't believe what they were saying.


 - Of young people who were accessing mental health support in the three months leading up to lockdown, nearly one-third were no longer able to access that support but still needed it; while 40% were struggling with their mental health but had not looked for support due to not wanting to burden services, not having privacy at home or feeling ashamed.

Core Values

  • INTEGRITY - We are financially responsible, committed to our mission, show honesty and transparency and always work to the benefit of children and young people.

  • INNOVATION - We are adaptable, dynamic, holistic & empower children and young people to make positive creative change.

  • COLLABORATION - We work alongside schools, organisations, authorities, children/young people, parents/carers  and staff/teachers for the best outcomes.

  • COMPASSION - We listen and understand problems, concerns and issues and find solutions collaboratively.

What we do

"We strive for a stronger mental health and emotional wellbeing model for children and young people; where
the only threshold we have
is a young person telling us
'I need help'"


Our vision is that every child and young person in the UK, regardless of background has access to the support they want and need.

That support needs to be timely, accessible to all and effective. By acting early, we can reduce the likelihood of more severe issues developing through building resilience and strong, positive mental health.

Our Services


Work for us

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