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Invictus Wellbeing are proud to partner with Invest in Play (IIP) and run their groundbreaking parent support programmes with accredited and experienced facilitators. 

IIP is a culturally relevant, scalable and up-to-date parenting programme which supports parents with children who are presenting with challenging behaviours, social difficulties, anxiety, ADHD and autism.


The iiP Core Parent Programme Six Bricks for Kids model outlines research-based strategies that help caregivers build a strong foundation for their child’s life. These include:

  • Play and positive attention to create solid parent-child relationships and trust.

  • Support for children’s learning, emotional and social skills.

  • Caring boundaries that create a predictable and safe framework for children to thrive.

  • Self-regulation strategies for caregivers and children

The 12-session programme can be delivered in groups or with individual families in prevention or treatment contexts for parents of children aged 2-12 years. The strategies in this core model build on 50 years of research on what works to support all children, including those with challenging behaviours, social difficulties, anxiety, ADHD and autism.

Support Groups

Get in touch about iiP at Invictus Wellbeing


01422 370015

and ask for Sharon Dunning or Sarah Risby



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