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Our Mission Statement:


Our mission is to improve children and young people's mental and emotional health and wellbeing by ensuring that all have access to the support they need.


Invictus Wellbeing began in 2015 when our founder faced his own challenges with mental health and realised that they stemmed from his childhood.


He looked into how mental health provision worked and realised that children and young people who were facing challenges were often left on waiting lists for months.


That's why he decided to create Invictus Wellbeing, an organisation that works with the communities of Yorkshire to offer effective mental health support to children and young people.


Since then, we have grown to be one of West Yorkshire's most well known mental health charities and continue to support thousands of young people every year.

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  • INTEGRITY - We are financially responsible, committed to our mission, show honesty and transparency and always work to the benefit of children and young people.

  • INNOVATION - We are adaptable, dynamic, holistic & empower children and young people to make positive creative change.

  • COLLABORATION - We work alongside schools, organisations, authorities, children/young people, parents/carers  and staff/teachers for the best outcomes.

  • COMPASSION - We listen and understand problems, concerns and issues and find solutions collaboratively.


"We strive for better mental health support for children and young people; where the ony thing a young person needs to tell us is "I need help".


Our vision is that every child and young person in the UK, regardless of background has access to the support they want and need.

Young people need timely, accessible and effective support. By acting early, we reduce the likelihood of more severe issues developing by building resilient, positive and healthy young people

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