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The BREW Project 

The Brew Project is a new and simple concept: A child or young person (aged 5-17) can access a confidential and non-judgmental one-to-one support session via telephone, video call, face to face or walk-and-talk sessions.

We call it the Brew project because that's what we want it to be: the chance to have a virtual cup of tea with someone outside of the young person's family and friendship circles. Our wellbeing advisers are there to speak with, support and help children and young people find solutions to problems, concerns and issues they may be facing.

We have a clear signposting and referral pathway and we work closely with Northpoint & The Open Minds Partnership (Calderdale), Mind Bradford & The Healthy Minds Emotional Wellbeing Programme (Bradford).

Once a referral has been made, our admin team will contact you/the family within 48 hours to discuss further and assign a wellbeing practitioner. We aim to offer initial support within 5 working days.

Please note that due to huge increases in demand, our waiting list is significantly higher. Please email us at to discuss the waiting time in your area.

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Request Support

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Request Support/Refer someone


Please use the referral form above if you can.

If you require any additional support, or need the form in a different format, please email: or call: 01422 730015

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