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Thanks for visiting our donate page!

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Could you support us in helping thousands of children and young people across Yorkshire?

Your donation helps us expand our service offer and give young people the support they want and need.

Happy Teenager

Please head to our LocalGiving page to donate

Could you spare the price of a cup of coffee a week?

Help us by giving £10 a month which works out at around 33p a day!

All donations are made to Invictus Wellbeing Foundation CIO (Charity No: 1193094)

Why Donate?

Invictus Wellbeing aren't just another charity: we consistently deliver succesful projects, services and support that helps children and young people.

Your donation will go towards the running of our services and enable us to offer support to more and more young people.

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could help one of our volunteers provide resources and advice to a child struggling with their mental health.


could help us offer two 'walk and talk' sessions to a young person who needs to talk confidentially.


could help us train a young person as a peer mentor to offer support to others facing challenges.

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