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About COPE
Bereavement Support Group 

COPE Peer bereavement support project is a therapeutic support programme which focuses on helping young people (12-17) who have experienced the loss of a loved one understand, process and cope with their bereavement.

COPE - Bereavement Support Groups:


Ages 12-17

1hr 30 min Sessions

6-8 Weekly Sessions

6 Students Per Group

2X Therapeutic Practitioners

Schools Provide Space


Need more information?

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently not accepting new referrals, due to funding. If you would like to leave your details for future reference, should we secure more funding, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.


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Please download our referral form in your preferred format  and return it to


If you require any additional support, or need the form in a different format, please email: or call: 01422 730015

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