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About Urban Adventure (In Partnership with The ROKT Foundation).

Invictus Wellbeing and ROKT Foundation have been given funding to deliver a new and exciting urban adventure programme that will give you the chance to try something new.

ROKT Foundation is a charity that is based at ROKT Activity Centre in Brighouse, it is home to one of the UK’s largest and most unique bouldering facilities.


Spread across multiple floors and chambers, the boulder problems cover a wide range of styles and grades so whether you’re a beginner or good at climbing, there will be something for you. We also have rope climbing for those that have a head for heights and want to try something exciting and new.

The taster sessions will  give young people the opportunity to experience bouldering, rock climbing and other activities with highly qualified members of staff.

If you really enjoy the taster session, there will be further opportunities to get involved, earn an accreditation and continue to grow your skills.

All sessions will be supported by an Invictus Wellbeing Practitioner, skilled and trained to support young people experiencing mental health issues and concerns.

Due to new funding, this programme is free and accessible to all schools in Kirklees.

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What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is climbing without ropes or harnesses on low-level walls or boulders. Don’t worry if you’re a novice, bouldering is a great way to get into climbing and we cater for every age and ability and our instructors will show you the basics and how to problem solve
on the walls. You will be amazed at how much fun it is and how good you get.

What are the facilities like?

At ROKT we have a 21 metre high lead wall and several 16 metre climbing silos. If you want to try rope climbing, our expert instructors will help you fit a harness and show you how to rope climb confidently and safely.

I've never done rock climbing before, is it for me?

For May half term we are offering a number of ‘Taster Sessions’ so that you can see if you like it. If you’ve never tried bouldering or climbed before and not sure what to expect the ‘Taster Session’ is perfect for you! One of our experienced, and very friendly, climbing
instructors will guide you around the centre as you have a bash at both bouldering and roped climbing.

What if I Like it, Can I do it Again?

If you try the taster session and really enjoy it, you will have the chance to sign up to a longer climbing course during the summer holidays. This is completely free, it will help you get fit and at the end of it you can even get a climbing qualification to show the result of your efforts!

What's the price?

Completely Free! If you would like to make a donation to Invictus Wellbeing and ROKT Foundation so that we can continue to offer young people free support, projects and activities, you can donate here.

If you do want to donate, please mention in your message that it is for this project so we can share the donation with The ROKT Foundation. Our recommended donation is £5-£10.

Do I need to bring anything?

No, we will provide all equipment that you need.

How do I get there?

ROKT is located in central Brighouse and is only a five minute walk from Brighouse train station. If you need help getting young people to the centre, please get in touch.

Can I come with a friend?

Yes you can but please make sure they have also booked on using the form above. One booking needs to be made for each participant.

What is the age range?

Age ranges are described as above. We have 2 sessions for 8-12 year olds and 3 sessions for 12-17 year olds.

Will I be forced to do anything?

No! Is the simple answer to that question. We always want to push you to do your best and get out of your comfort zone but we'll never force you to do something you can't. We do, however, expect you to challenge yourself and get involved to the best of your abilities.


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