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Safety Nets

Safety Nets is an 8-week intervention for Children and Young People (11-18) to bridge the gap between a
CAMHS referral and receiving treatment.

It’s a collaborative project involving Invictus Wellbeing, mental health services and professional sports club, Halifax Panthers.

The project aims to improve the mental health and emotional wellbeing of children &young people
in a safe and supportive environment through wellbeing sessions and teambuilding activities.

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Each therapy group runs for two hours 4-6pm. The groups are run at a local club for eight weeks, with each weekly group focusing on different aspects of physical and mental health. The physical health aspect of the groups covers a broad range of physical activities, which are not confined to football and rugby alone.

The mental health education section asks group members to comment and reflect on their emotional wellbeing, diet, relationships, sleep, relaxation techniques. The groups also enable young people to learn about how any why anxiety and depression occur, and how we can learn ways of managing them.

The demand for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) services is at an all-time high and recent research shows children and young people referrals have increased by 26% in five years. Nationally, 50% of children and young people that are assessed wait more than 18 weeks to start treatment and over 3% wait over 12 months,

That’s why we’re part of a movement to develop “Safety Nets” across our area. This is a scheme that bridges part of the gap between being referred and receiving treatment. Safety Nets is a collaborative project involving local CAMHS teams and professional football and rugby clubs.

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