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Just a few words about what people are saying about us.


Teachers are amazing but they’re not trained counsellors and it’s trained experts those children with some of the biggest problems imaginable need. That’s why Sally Davies and now Invictus are making such a difference to their lives by helping and supporting them with the skills and raising confidence/self-esteem to help enable them to realise their full potential.


As well as data, our teachers report that all children's difficulties were 'much better' after seeing Sally and that for some children in particular, the impact of the counselling on their classroom learning has lead to real improvements.

Nicola Baxter – Safeguard Lead,

Calder High School, Halifax

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At a time where teenagers are faced with increasing pressures, we have found we are dealing with and supporting students with a wide range of emotional needs. We have been fortunate enough to be able to utilise the services of Invictus. Emotional wellbeing and support for our students became immediate. With their flexibility and expertise, the Invictus team have enabled us to support our most vulnerable students emotionally, whilst we have been able to concentrate on their education.

Zandra Puddephatt

Brooksbank SENCO/Assistant Head

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After my first session with Sally from Invictus, I felt extremely positive, and already started to feel the benefits. I meet with Sally regularly as she is tremendously consistent. She has a unique style of working with individuals with wellbeing issues, which I personally find remarkable and exceedingly helpful. Sally is very approachable, and I feel incredibly content and secure talking about such a sensitive subject (mental health) with her. She is very educated and knowledgeable about wellbeing, and a trustworthy and reliable source.


I never leave a session feeling negative, or that I haven’t received any help. Sally and the Invictus team as a whole are extremely passionate about what they do, and it shows in every session. The advice I have received so far has been life changing and helps me daily, and the support that I will continue to receive from Invictus can only have a positive outcome.


18 year old student